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Why you should grade your film.

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Approximate reading time 3mins I’ve covered more advanced subjects like how to prepare for a grading session, and how much can actually be graded in a day. But I haven’t yet touched on a simpler but very important subject: the *why?*. Why colourgrade your film in the first place? If you’re reading this, chances are […]

How much can be graded in a day?

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Approximate reading time 3mins Let’s say you’re planning your next film. You’re trying to plan the what, the when and of course the How Much. Something that has been discussed a lot with my customers over the years is how to assess how much work (and time, as time is money) is needed when you’re […]

How to prepare your edit for a grade

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Approximate Reading time: 3mins Assuming your edit is locked, that your project was shot in log and that you are the editor, let’s proceed. There are two ways to go about this but it is, in my opinion, always preferable to grade from the original rushes as we know these video files have not been […]

Mabel – The film

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So proud to see another project that we graded do so well! Mabel came to us through friends, and friends of friends. The story is sweet, and the execution is spot on. The synopsys goes something like this: “Emerging from a great loss, quirky 30-something writer, Mabel, whose only friends are her tortoise; Piña and […]


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Written by and starring one of Double Yay’s co-founders, Natalie Bray, Nutritiously Nicola! is an authored comedy series about eating disorders, with a dark, surreal edge. It features a cast of exciting new talent and particularly brave performances from guest stars Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter) and Heida Reed (Poldark). Nutritiously Nicola! is a seven-episode series funded on Kickstarter. Check […]

british children charity


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Children’s Rights Alliance for England (@CRAE_Official) campaign video. How to help via crae.org.uk: http://bit.ly/2lexFd9 #Homes4Children Thousands of British children without permanent homes are growing up in B&Bs. The conditions there are often damp, dirty, cold and unsafe. Demand that the government upholds children’s legal rights, to give every child a real home. Get in touch via […]