We’ve graded our first 2 feature films! Nightshooters and A Fist Full Of Lead. Both were written and directed by the uber-talented Marc Price. You can hear him talk about how they made such a good film with such a little budget (£40k!) on this podcast. And you can go and see the film too, thanks to Raindance Film Festival!  More info about it here.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Nightshooters (Festival Trailer) from Nowhere Fast Productions on Vimeo.

Plot Summary: A ragtag British film crew are performing a late-night shoot in an abandoned building. The frustrated director thought getting pick-up shots and managing the volatile group was his biggest concern.
But when the crew accidentally record a gangland execution in an adjacent tower, they must fight to survive the night. Although seemingly hopelessly outmatched against these brutal thugs, the feisty skills of these guerilla filmmakers pay off in unique and inventive ways, making for a fun and exhilarating thriller.

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