Post-Covid Update

Who would have thought the last 18 months were going to be so bizarre, and so intense? Not us, that’s for sure.

Our work almost stopped overnight, except for colourgrading which we could do remotely and bits of video production. So we focused on other things we could do, like optimising the business workflows, refining our back-up strategy and writing lots of good content… which we never posted!

So this entry is simply a first step to re-igniting this blog as well as our social media channels. And I guess it’s a good way to let you know more about what we’ve been up to.

We’ll be putting out content which we hope will be helpful to you in navigating your projects and productions. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you want us to write about anything in particular.

Let’s start with a couple of features we graded, by Writer/Director Marc Price that were finally released:









Dune Drifter“, a sci-fi feature you can watch it for free here if you’re an Amazon prime customer.
And A Fist Full Of Lead, a good ol’ western about a bank robbery which you can watch on Netflix in the UK since last week.