Bye Bye 2020!

What a year it’s been… Everyone’s business has been suffering, especially in our industry. We can’t go out as we please, see family and friends. And It’s winter! Oh boy! At least we’ve been able to spend time with our children and eat loads of junk food!

And at Soda, thanks to the fact we’ve diversified over the last few years, we’ve kept busy enough to keep on going until this whole thing blows over. We’ve mostly done post-production work, but there’s also been a few video production and stills projects done. They’re just harder to organise with all the (ever-changing) restrictions put in place here in London. It requires a much tighter organisation as well as loads of flexibility to deal with the unexpected. But it’s definitely possible!

Anyway, we’ve updated our portfolio if you want to see some of the work we did this year. And as we’re gearing up for the Christmas & New Year holiday period, we wanted to wish you all a happy holiday and say:

See you in 2021!

The Soda Team x