TEASER: The Modern Day Icons are coming…

Modern Day Icons: Artistic

Diana Chire is a performance artist, light artist and curator. Not content with fuelling her own artistic vision and creativity, she also recently staged an all-female guerrilla art show outside Frieze, as a counterpoint to the “disproportionate amount of male artists championed and exhibited in the art world”.

Modern Day Icons: Originality

Have you ever felt pigeonholed? So has Beccy Hill, editor in chief of zine-of-the-moment, Sister Magazine. Fed up with humdrum women’s magazines, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create an original and out-of-the-ordinary publication that would ultimately speak to females more than the current newsstand submissions >

Modern Day Icons: Humour

A champagne bottle spouting streamers. A hot dog bun filled with balloons. Cakes made from sponges. Welcome to the humorous and weird and wonderful images that fill Vanessa McKeown’s day-to-day and our Instagram feeds with colour and humour. The photo artist takes mundane, everyday objects and injects a healthy dose of humour into them through her creative and unusual images, which have racked up 1,000s of likes.

Modern Day Icons: Philanthropic

A love of film and the arts drove Leoni Kibbey to create her own film festival, providing a much needed enriching and cultural boost to her community. From screenings, workshops and acting lessons, the not-for-profit event provided a wealth of fun and feel-good events for residents and helped to shine a light on young aspiring filmmakers from St Albans to Sao Paulo. She drew attention to the Bechdel test during the festival, which measures positive depictions of women, long before it became dinner party conversation.

Modern Day Icons: Entrepreneurial

Lucy Brown, an ex-model agent, and Jenny Quintero, a former magazine publishing manager, quit their jobs to fulfil their dream of running a restaurant in the heart of London. They are now the happy owners of Jar Kitchen in Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and pride themselves on fresh, tasty, and locally sourced food. The pair are the perfect proof that hard work, dedication and passion are all you need to make that leap of faith and launch the venture you want to pursue. We chatted to the entrepreneurs about the beauty of food and their inspirations…

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All these films were produced by SW9 Media and graded by Soda Visual ltd.

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