Hidden City provides mystery walking trails which allow the public to go parts of London they wouldn’t normally see. We’d be asked by Rob and Jack from Hidden city to provide a set of 10 -15 images for there new walking trail “Mind of the Maker.”   These images would be used for press.
Hidden City wanted us to create “ A feeling of exploration and adventure e.g voyeur shots, looking out ofinto or through things (we always like shots with foreground),  seeing things  from a different perspective. Emphasis on unique and intriguing angles. This is the core to HiddenCity brand.” 
hidden city london

As this is the second time we’d worked with Hidden City, we had a really good understanding about what there needs would be. That being said, we had quite a few meetings before the shoot and we’d personally walked the trail 4 times before the actual shooting day. 

hidden city players in the pub

We had 8 hours to shoot 10 – 15 images across 8 locations so it was a really busy day.  We did have Daniel as a second shooter though which really helped lighten the load on Paul that day.   These are some of the images we managed to produce.

hidden city player
hidden city london game
hidden city london
hidden city london
hidden city
hidden city crew
regents canal london
friends by regents canal hidden city
hidden city london game